Wolfteam AimPoint Yeni versiyon 2012


Wolfteam AimPoint Yeni versiyon 2012

Pls comment tq.

For your information pls download Framework not to make it work,
but to make lag reducer work.

Updated Aimpoint is back for helping people.
Well if you dont know how to use it:
1st:Extract the file to your choice of destination
3rd:Put what you have renamed into YOUR wolfteam folder
4th:Pls note tq.
Windows 7/vista:Run as admin.
Other just open it.


Update Log:


My Youtube Site Update:I have deleted my account and moved on to GzN.

AP(Aimpoint) Update:
Removed stuff that i need to remove.

+Added easier aimming(Out of 100 bullets i Made 70% OF the bullet go to the person ur aiming to the body)(Pls…..dun shoot the air and say it dont work you have to aim the body.)

And added all other things that you all probably wont understand so yah.

Next Update:
V6.3 Alpha
V6.3 Belta
v6.3 Chronos(huge update as softnyx is going to check lots and lots and lots of hacks so probably i will release this later.Cause i use different type of making this update.)

V6.4 will probably come after Chronos about 1week?
It depends.

Questions that came to my mail today:
Q.How can i inject the hack?
A.You dont have to inject it look at the How To Use on top of these or,Open the folder then put the RenameMeBlahBlah.dll into ur wt folder,then open aimpoint and enjoy.


Arkadaslar bizi taklit eden sitelerden uzak durunuz onlar ancak taklitten öteye gidemez ve git gide batarlar

Megadosya ekibini tanıyan tanır bu hile suan yabancılar tarafından cıkarılmıstır orjinal sekilde sunuyorum

Oldugu gibi eger  Kullanmak isterseniz bizim vermis oldugumuz linkten hileyi indiriniz

eger bu yazılarda ne yazıldıgını bilmek isterseniz lütfen Google translate yardımıylan ceviriniz

Şimdi linkte sıra 

DOWNLOAD HOTFİLE:Wolfteam AimPoint V6.3 Hilesi indirmek icin buraya Tıkla indir

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